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University of Birmingham students have paid a heavy price for their peaceful student protest
July 24, 2014

We have both just been suspended from the University of Birmingham for nine months because of our part in an occupation that took place last November.

This year the university has collectively had us arrested three times, taken out an injunction banning us from occupational protest for a year, put us through a stressful nine-month-long disciplinary process,suspended us for two months, reinstated us briefly just to suspend us again only one month away from graduation.

Another student, Hattie Craig, has been given a six-month suspended sentence, meaning that if she breaks any university regulation between now and when she graduates she will immediately be suspended for six months. Publicly stating opposition to the actions of the University of Birmingham could end up with her being suspended on the basis that she brought the university into disrepute.

The University of Birmingham is trying to hide behind the quasi-legal process that it uses to conduct disciplinary actions. We were denied access to legal representation, despite us submitting multiple requests. The hearings were not held to any of the same evidential standards that would be required in a court: decisions were made on the balance of probabilities, and the outcomes shielded from scrutiny because the university does not allow recordings or take full notes.

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Behold! This ancient ritual, this divine act.  The one clear way to transcend the boundaries of the corporeal plane is to merge our flesh.  The co-mingling of our physical beings opens the doorways to the ethers, to vivid truth.  I consume you and, in turn, I am consumed by you.  Love is the law, love under will.  The purest connection, the strongest bond.  All of the struggles, the weaknesses and faults, slip away.  All of the masks, the anger and secrecy, slip away.  Essence unveiled.  The universe revealed.





some helpful reminders about sex workers ♥

If sex workers aren’t selling their bodies, what are they selling?

their time, the sexual experience that they’re having/creating, and the products that they create.

After we are finished providing someone with our services, we still have our bodies. Patriarchy says that when a woman has sex, all or part of her body belongs to the person she slept with. We say that’s bullshit. Our bodies now and forever belong to us and us alone.

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